Watch Our Coat and Cure Demo: UV Curable Powder Coating on Carbon Fiber

Keyland Polymer UV Powder develops, formulates, and manufactures UV curable powder coatings that are instantly cured with UV light energy. UV powder coatings are a safe, solvent free, and energy efficient coating for a variety of substrates including plastic, carbon fiber, composites, and wood as well as traditional metal materials. UV cured powder coatings also offer many operational and performance benefits when compared to other finishing technologies.

What The Demo Covers

  • This coat and cure demo will introduce you to UV cured powder coatings and the advantages of this technology.
  • The part used for demonstration in this video is a carbon fiber water bottle holder for a bicycle.
  • Keyland Polymer’s R&D chemist will demonstrate the UV cured powder coating application process followed by instantaneous UV curing.
UV Powder on Carbon Fiber

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